My Top 15 Favorite Recipes from the Show

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We set out to create our Top 10 favorite recipes but just couldn’t narrow it down! So here are Our Top 15 Favorite Recipes from the Past 7 Years of Making The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show. We are so grateful to our supporting members for helping make this show possible and to all of you who watch the show and tell us how much you love our recipes. It is hard to believe we have been making this show every week for 7 years but we are happy to do it and looking forward to the next 7 years! There is a list of links to all the recipes below so I hope you will try some of them out.


10 thoughts on “My Top 15 Favorite Recipes from the Show”

  1. I make one of your recipes and bring the food to every family and friend gathering I attend. Your recipes are a hit every time! I think you have convinced many of my family members that vegan WFPB is actually good! Thank you so much for making the recipes and teaching how to make them.

    Here are some of the recipes I’ve been asked to make multiple times:
    GF bread, sweet potato muffins, Oreo cake, quinoa flatbread, hemp seed ranch dressing, choc peanut butter cheesecake, vegan meatloaf, coffee smoothie (!), outback blackbread, GF Irish soda bread, peanut butter cookies, and the turtle cake.
    There are so many more I want to try!

    Thanks Jill!

      1. Hi Jill,

        I just cooked your Baked Tofu-Veggie with cheese sauce, and I loved it. I need a copy of it. Could you please put it on your list of recipes?


  2. I just found your site and was in the process of writing down your Plant based Vegan Lasagna when my power went out. Will you please republish it or a link to it so I can try this great sounding dish? Thanks! -DBr

    PS I keep trying to sign up for email but can’t get it to work. Please put me on the mailing list. Thanks.

  3. I’d like to make the “Dump Cake” tonight (I don’t have memories of the Hostess cupcakes either – though they always looked good). Do I use all the same ingredients as the cupcakes, but just put it in a loaf pan? Thank you!!

      1. Yes, I saw the photo! Same cooking time of 20 minutes? I made the cupcakes last night and they were good – but the highlight was the frosting!!! Thank you for getting back : )

  4. The fesanjan is a close runner up to the enchiladas for me ! Never had anything like it. Can’t wait to try the Thai curry and the west African soup. Hopefully you will publish more and more recipes and cookbooks thanks Jill ??

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