We have our beautiful cookbooks, courses, handmade aprons, and apparel available here in our shop.

Plant Based Cooking Made Easy: Volume 2

Our official softcover second cookbook is the latest in our series and contains 112 more of our scrumptious whole food plant-based recipes. The 9x9inch full color format allows for big beautiful images of every recipe so you know exactly what to expect when making the dish. We have raised the bar in this second book with guest articles, inspirational viewer stories, original artwork and more! You can learn all about the book and order your copy with the link below.

Plant Based Cooking Made Easy: Volume 1

Our official softcover first cookbook is available worldwide most anywhere books are sold! This collection of 101 of our favorite recipes has everything you need to live a plant based lifestyle today. Every recipe in the cookbook has a QR code you can scan with your mobile device and instantly load a video of Jill making the recipe to walk you through it!

28 Days Plant Based Made Easy Course

Learn to Successfully Transition to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle in 28 Days! This course packs in everything we have learned from five years of plant based living and from making The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show. If you are serious about making the switch to plant based this course is for you!

Plant Based Holiday Feast Made Easy Cooking Class

Learn to easily prepare a plant based Thanksgiving or Christmas style holiday feast! In this two hour real time cooking class I walk you through each step of making eight delicious plant based holiday dishes. Recorded with five camera angles so you can see exactly what I am doing as you cook. If you wanting to make your holiday dinners fully plant based this is the cooking class for you!

Jill’s Handmade Aprons

I have had a lifelong love of sewing and have always made my own clothes, curtains, even couch covers. I’ve had so many viewers ask where they can get one of my aprons from the show (that I have been making myself) so I decided I will make as many as I can and offer them for sale here on our site!

The 1 Week Meal Plan & Shopping Guide

We have crafted this guide with love in response to the many requests from our community asking for a step-by-step approach to transitioning to a plant based diet. All the recipes included in the PDF also have free video tutorials and have been tried and approved by thousands of our users. The entire guide is printable so you can create a copy for your kitchen!

Whole Food Plant Based Apparel

We have partnered with to create a line of awesome t-shirts so you can proclaim to the world you live a plant based lifestyle! The shirts have a design on the front and back. The front carries our show logo along with the ancient quote from Hippocrates “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” The back says “Why Suffer? Chronic Diseases Reversed by a Whole Food Plant Based Diet” and lists many of the diseases that can be addressed with a plant based diet. Head on over to our shop at to choose from a set of styles and colors in all sizes for men and women.