Spending time with non-vegan family

Recently, I took a trip with my two teenage daughters to visit my family in the midwest; Nebraska to be exact. They eat a typical midwestern diet which focuses pretty heavily on meat and bread products. They respect our dietary choices, even though they poke fun at us, they have yet to change much of…

Two Oil Free Vegan Salad Dressings

Struggling to find a salad dressing that isn’t loaded with oil or unnecessary fats and sugar? Well, look no further. I have two fantastic salad dressing recipes for you that are free of added oil and sugar! The first one, is reminiscent of Thousand Island dressing which my husband has renamed “crack” because of its…

Vegan Massaged Kale Avocado Salad

Transitioning to a plant based diet and finding kale a bit hard to get used to? This salad will help you to fall in love with kale. You will like it so much that you will be cleaning out the grocery store’s shelves of all the kale you can get your hands onto! When you…

Vegan Plant Based Sabzi Soup

This is a soup recipe that is so filled with flavor that you will never forget it! Sabzi is a Persian dish that typically has meat but I have made a vegan version for you and also made it into a soup because that is what my family has really grown to love. They love…

Vegan Plant Base Banana Granola

This granola recipe is sugar free and delicious! I am not much of a fan of granola because it is usually way too sweet and most granolas have sugar, honey or agave nectar. This recipe uses bananas and dates to make it sweet so you get all the fiber and the sweetness. It is also…

Vegan Plant Based Stir Fry

This will for sure be one of your staple weekly recipes! My hubby and two daughters just love this recipe. It is simple to put together and cooks up quick too. If you want to make it even easier you can prep the veggies ahead of time, like on the weekend so they are ready…

Vegan Chocolate Mint Fudge

Wow! You aren’t going to believe that this isn’t bad for you, it tastes that good! I am not usually that excited about fudge because it is way too sweet and it makes my teeth hurt. Not to mention that I just plain don’t eat it anymore because it is loaded with sugar and dairy….

Pineapple Apple Crumble

The idea for this recipe came from a viral video called Pineapple Apple Pen. My two teenage daughters love this video and showed it to me recently. It is very cute I must say and it gave me an idea to make a desert with those two ingredients. I came up with this delicious pineapple…

Away from home

I wanted to share out experience about being away from home and still being able to stick to the Plant Based lifestyle. Our situation is  a little out of the ordinary presently but I just wanted people to know it is still possible even with the most bizarre circumstances. We are currently in a hotel…

Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is better than sitting in your cozy chair with a good book, a steamy drink and chocolate chip cookies? Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookies are! Now you can have all of these comforts and none of the unhealthy oils, sugar and dairy products that are in normal chocolate chip cookies. This recipe was created from…

Vegan “Frosty”

Treat yourself to this delicious vegan “frosty”. All of the flavor, none of the guilt!

Triangle Vegfest

Meeting Dr. T. Colin Campbell at the Triangle Vegefest! I am still in AWE

My New Book !

After many years in the making my book is finally for sale!

Fountain of Youth

Want to find your Fountain of Youth? Try eating a Nutritarian Diet!

Organic Produce

I recently visited our local Kroger grocery store because I needed a few things to make our dinner and because it is the closest store to our home. I was shocked to see the  huge, well organized organic section! I normally shop at Whole Foods for organic produce but after seeing that Kroger has such…

Watermelon Obsession

Reward your body with the healing properties of watermelon while they are plentiful and affordable!

Rancho Gordo Beans!

Rancho Gordo Beans! Once you try these beans you will never settle for store-bought beans again!

Being Vegan and Eating Out

I love going out to eat especially on those nights when I just don’t feel like cooking. Then our family became vegans, and not just a vegans but vegan SOS free, which means no salt, oil or sugar. Going out to eat now is a challenge. If we really feel the need, we go out…

Vegan Baked Beans

BBQ Baked Beans are a classic summer favorite. Bake them up the Nutritarian way free of meat and sugar but loaded with flavor and nutrient dense goodness.

Vegan Challenges

If you are a vegan or a plant based eater you will surely be able to relate to this post. When you decide to be a vegan, suddenly everyone around you becomes a nutrition expert. ” I know someone who is a vegan and He/she is not very healthy ” “there is no way you can get…

Simply Awesome Dinner

Some nights I just don’t feel like cooking a huge meal so on this night we simply had freshly cut cucumber, orange bell pepper, an heirloom tomato, steamed broccoli, celery with peanut butter and watermelon. At first I thought ” wow, I am slipping here not making a nice meal after everyone has had such…

First Blog Post!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be making my first blog post! My goal is to share with you our journey (my husband , two teenage daughters and I) of becoming Nutritarians. You can call it Vegan, SOS free, or Plant Based eating but it is so much more than that and I am…

Vegan Sweet Potato Pie

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is our delicious yet totally healthy vegan Sweet Potato Pie.

Vegan Nachos

We present for your viewing and cooking pleasure a movie themed show in honor of our family favorite film “Nacho Libre”.

Vegan Bean & Cheese Dip

This vegan bean dip with “nacho cheese” sauce is sure to please any hungry crowd of healthy foodies.

Vegan Acai Bowl

Delicious Acai Bowls are a fun trend in healthy breakfasts but they can be expensive and have added sweeteners.

Gluten Free Vegan Pizza

After months of research in the kitchen we present to you the most delicious Nutritarian Tofu Pepperoni Pizza recipe we have ever tasted!

Gluten Free Vegan Banana Peanut Butter Cookies

These cookies are a great way to deal with old sugar cravings and get a healthy cookie fix. If you love Nutella but don’t want to eat all the sugar and junk that it is made with then this “Nutritella” recipe is for you!

Vegan Banana Kale Smoothie

Make this quick and easy Nutritarian breakfast smoothie to get a jump start to your day with fruity flavor and nutrient dense goodness! This breakfast smoothie qualifies as Vegan SOS (No animal products, salt, sugar, or oil), Vegetarian, gluten free, wheat free, and soy free.

Vegan SOS Free Molten Chocolate Cake

Learn how to make this decadent dessert “Molten Chocolate Lava Cake” that helps make the Nutritarian diet style the healthiest and tastiest way to live!

Vegan SOS Free Zucchini Tomato Wraps

Learn how to make these delicious zucchini tomato wraps that help make the Nutritarian diet style the healthiest and tastiest way to live! These are also Vegan SOS (No animal products, salt, oil, or sugar), Vegetarian, and gluten free!