Vegan Chocolate Mint Fudge

Wow! You aren’t going to believe that this isn’t bad for you, it tastes that good! I am not usually that excited about fudge because it is way too sweet and it makes my teeth hurt. Not to mention that I just plain don’t eat it anymore because it is loaded with sugar and dairy….

Pineapple Apple Crumble

The idea for this recipe came from a viral video called Pineapple Apple Pen. My two teenage daughters love this video and showed it to me recently. It is very cute I must say and it gave me an idea to make a desert with those two ingredients. I came up with this delicious pineapple…

Away from home

I wanted to share out experience about being away from home and still being able to stick to the Plant Based lifestyle. Our situation is  a little out of the ordinary presently but I just wanted people to know it is still possible even with the most bizarre circumstances. We are currently in a hotel…

Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is better than sitting in your cozy chair with a good book, a steamy drink and chocolate chip cookies? Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookies are! Now you can have all of these comforts and none of the unhealthy oils, sugar and dairy products that are in normal chocolate chip cookies. This recipe was created from…

Vegan “Frosty”

Treat yourself to this delicious vegan “frosty”. All of the flavor, none of the guilt!

Triangle Vegfest

Meeting Dr. T. Colin Campbell at the Triangle Vegefest! I am still in AWE