Plant Based Cooking Made Easy: Volume 2

by jeffrey.dalton

Ordering (USA Customers)

We self-published this edition with an independent publisher to give us more control over the print quality and distribution reach of the book. This freedom comes with the challenge of self-funding the production upfront (printing books of this quality is eye-wateringly expensive) so we were only able to print 5000 copies for this first edition. This means the book will likely sell out quickly! We will print more but the production cycle runs about 4 months with the printer so we are offering pre-ordering now to give everyone a chance to grab a copy before they are gone! 

This first edition is being printed now and all pre-ordered books should start shipping to your door by July. We are selling this cookbook exclusively through our independent publisher Mascot Books website where you can pre-order today.

International Ordering (Customers outside the USA)

We are able to offer international shipping for this book through Mascot but please note international shipping rates are currently very expensive, in most cases more than the cost of the book. This is not in our control as international shipping prices have increased dramatically since the global pandemic. International pre-orders will need to be arranged by contacting Mascot directly so they can process the purchase and shipping. Please email to arrange your international order and shipping.

eBook Versions

We will be offering Kindle and Apple Books versions of the book on their respective platforms. These versions are currently in production and should be available around the middle of May. eBook versions can be a good option for international viewers where shipping costs are prohibitive.

About the Cookbook

If you loved our first cookbook, hold onto your hat because we have raised the bar in every way with this second cookbook in our series. Not only have we included 112 whole food plant-based recipes that are gluten free, refined oil and sugar free, low in sodium and absolutely delicious; we wrote, designed, created, and self-published every aspect of this book from the covers, to the layouts, to the food photographs, even some original portrait artworks for the dedication and inspirations! We treated this as much as a fine arts project as a high quality cookbook. We set out to make the kind of cookbook we would want to buy and use everyday in our own kitchen.

Plant Based Cooking Made Easy: Volume 2 brings together our best new recipes, high quality full color photos, scannable QR codes to step-by-step videos, lay-flat binding, inspirational stories, guest articles, and more! 

Softcover Format

The 9×9-inch full color softcover shines with a satin finish and spot gloss coating. The format allows us plenty of space for all the recipe details as well as a full color photograph so all 112 recipes have a picture showing the finished dish. We take the photos right when we finish filming the demonstration video so you can see how the recipes turn out in a real home kitchen.

Video Demonstrations in a Book?

YES! Just like in our first cookbook, all 112 recipes in the cookbook include a scannable QR code linking to a step-by-step video! As far as we know, this has never been offered in a cookbook before, except by us in our first cookbook! 😁 You just point a smartphone or tablet camera at the QR code and a link will pop up and open directly to our website with the video of Jill making the recipe.

Lay-Flat Binding

The lay-flat-binding means there is no need for a cookbook stand or paper weights. These books will lay beautifully flat on the counter while you cook.

Foreword Thinking

One of our plant-based heroes, Dr. Michael Greger, generously wrote us a wonderful foreword for this cookbook and we are proud to have him included as part of the project. Dr. Greger is a NYT Best Selling Author and founder of which we consider to be the most trusted source for plant-based nutritional information on the internet.

Live Cooking Demo from the Cookbook

Live Stream with Chef AJ where I share cooking demos of recipes from this cookbook.

Are you still reading about the book? Pre-order your copy today!

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