Plant Based Cooking Made Easy: Volume 2

by jeffrey.dalton

Looking for our first cookbook? You can find it here.

Now On Kickstarter!

Over a year in the making, we are launching our second volume in our cookbook series Plant Based Cooking Made Easy: Volume 2 with a Kickstarter campaign to fund the self-publishing of a beautiful hardcover first-edition. Once again we are bringing 101 MORE of our tried and true recipes, a full color photo for every recipe, and a scannable QR code linking to a step-by-step video of Jill making the recipe on our show. The Kickstarter is NOW LIVE and is THE PLACE to order your copies and be first in line to receive them when they are ready!

Visit Our Kickstarter to Order Your Copy

The Kickstarter campaign runs for 30 days and is what they call “All or Nothing” funding so we have to reach our funding goal for the project to be successful. If we can organize everyone to hit our funding goal on the first day it will boost our project on the Kickstarter platform and get the cookbook even more exposure. We already have the coveted “Projects We Love” designation from the Kickstarter platform so we know we have the project setup for success!

We have some great Kickstarter exclusive offers to choose from and one limited edition pledge tier where we are offering to print your name, picture, and a summary of your plant-based success story in the cookbook on a recipe page! This pledge tier has a limited number of spots available and is on a first come first serve basis so we expect they will go quickly. So if you want to see your smiling face in the cookbook be sure to be there when the kickstarter launches and select pledge tier 4!

About the Book

The 9×9-inch hardcover shines in full color, with satin finish and spot gloss coating. We will be working on the cover design while the Kickstarter runs and will update this placeholder image with the final design when it is ready.

Share Your Story & Appear in the Book!

We are reserving a limited number of spots in the cookbook to feature your Plant Based Transformation Stories! We are offering a limited Kickstarter pledge tier to have your name, picture, and brief summary of your plant based success immortalized on one of the recipe pages! These limited spots will likely fill up quickly.

Get the Big Picture  

The 9×9-inch format allows us plenty of space for the recipe and a full color photograph for all 101 recipes showing the finished dishes so you have a clear idea of what to expect. We take the photos right when we finish filming the demonstration video so you can see how the recipes turn out in a real home kitchen.

A Healthy Spine  

The upgraded half cloth case binding with silver foil printed title adds a touch of timeless class and offers a nice grip texture.

Lay Flat While You Cook  

The lay-flat- binding means there is no need for a cookbook stand or paper weights. These books will lay beautifully flat on the counter while you cook.

Foreword Thinking

One of our plant-based heroes, Dr. Michael Greger, generously wrote us a wonderful forward for this cookbook and we are proud to have him included as part of the project. Dr. Greger is a NYT Best Selling Author and founder of which we consider to be the most trusted source for plant-based nutritional information on the internet.

Video Demonstrations in a Book?

YES! All 101 recipes in the cookbook include a scannable QR code linking to a step-by-step video! As far as we know, this has never been offered in a cookbook before, except by us in our first cookbook! 😁 You just point a smart phone or tablet camera at the QR code and a link will pop up and open directly to our website with the video.

It Takes a Village

We have been sharing our self-publishing journey along the way offering opportunities for our awesome community to participate in the creation of this cookbook with votes and behind the scenes project updates along the way. You can watch the project update videos and see the vote results below if you have ever been interested in how a cookbook gets created.

Our first update was to choose the type of binding since we were really eyeballing an upgraded fabric case cloth spine for the binding and wanted to know if our audience would want this kind of upgrade. The community voted a resounding YES and we included the upgrade.

Next up we had a vote to choose the main font for the recipe titles. We spent far to many hours surfing fonts and had whittled the list down to just two but couldn’t decide which we liked best so we put it up for a vote and the community chose.

Reaching the stage of a completed manuscript is a milestone in any authoring project so we were excited to share the win with the community and the exciting news that one of our plant-based heroes Dr. Michael Greger from was writing the foreword for the book!

After months of hard work we were thrilled to announce the launch date for our Kickstarter to fund the self-publishing of the cookbook. This was a fun update to make sharing the cover design and renderings of the interior layouts and the books themselves as well as a community vote on the color palette for the cover design.

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