Corporate Sponsor Program

Learn about the various ways to become a corporate sponsor on our show.

We are excited to share with you our invite only Corporate Sponsorship Program. This program is for companies of all sizes who offer whole food plant based oriented products that align with the values of our show. The program is an opportunity to build brand recognition for companies that we can proudly represent to our audience on The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show.

Two Ways to Work With Us

  1. Monthly Sponsorship: Through a monthly subscription we integrate a bespoke 30 Second VoiceOver Placement in each new cooking show episode made during the subscription (4 episodes each month).
  2. Dedicated Recipe Sponsorship – We create a dedicated recipe video using your products. These can be anything from using unique appliances to whole food plant based ingredients in the recipe.

Our shows are evergreen content which means initially they are typically viewed by 15k-25k viewers in the first few weeks but then continue to be viewed for years after launch, growing in views as new viewers discover the recipe from the episode. Our past episodes are regularly featured on our own shows, podcasts, cookbooks, courses, and countless blogs and social media posts. We currently see over 270,000 total views per month on our channel.

Monthly Sponsorship Details

Each episode will have a segment between cooking breaks that highlights the sponsors for the month. We will feature your brand logo (with optional stock video footage of your company if provided) and a voice over of Jill outlining who your company is and what your company mission is all about. Please note this is not a product placement but a chance to build brand recognition with our highly focused plant based audience.

We will also include a simplified brand placement in our weekly community posts and newsletter under a supporting member section.

Example Voice-over

We like to think of this as a 30 second NPR (Nation Public Radio here in the US) style call out: “Today’s show was sponsored in part by Nature’s Best Broccoli. Nature’s Best Broccoli is a family owned company that produces some of the worlds finest broccoli florets and broccoli sprouts delivered fresh right to your front door. Nature’s Best Broccoli is a certified B Corporation creating gmo-free organic produce by working with a tightly knit network of local family owned farms in upstate New York. Nature’s Best Broccoli can be found in the produce isle of Kroger’s and Wegman’s grocery stores and can be ordered directly online for home delivery by visiting”

Sponsor Example 1: Complement Plant-Based Supplements

Complement’s spot is place just after the opening of the 00:57 second mark.

YouTube video
Complement Placement

Sponsor Example 2: Wellbean Bars

Wellbean has found a highly receptive audience with our viewers for their whole food bean bars. The Wellbean placement can be seen at the 7:53 mark in the video below.

YouTube video
Wellbean Placement

Dedicated Recipe Video Details

Our dedicated videos allow us to feature brands as a central element in the new recipe. We work with your marketing team to cover any specific talking points you would like to focus on in the video. As with our monthly sponsorship, we thoroughly vet products before accepting sponsor and only feature products that we feel comfortable using in our own kitchen and can stand behind recommending to our audience.

Past examples of dedicated recipe videos:

Kyvol Air Fryer where we created these delicious Twice Baked Samosas Potatoes using the air fryer.

YouTube video

SEEIN Matcha where we created two recipes using two versions of their SEEIN Matcha Powder. The Matcha Tea Cookies matched with a Matcha Latte.

YouTube video

Noochy Licious Nutritional Yeast where Jill created the amazing Twice Baked Chili Cheese Potatoes recipe that featured the nutritional yeast for making the delicious cheese sauce.

YouTube video

If you would like to get started with a dedicated recipe video please reach out through our contact form and we will be happy to discuss sponsorship.