Three Vegan Cheeses

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This week we thought we would share with you our three favorite vegan cheese recipes. Removing dairy from your diet is one of the most important things you can do for your health. As the author of the China Study, Dr. T Colin Campbell states, it is the casein protein in dairy that is directly linked to all sorts of health problems including cancer. It is easier than ever to remove dairy from your diet with many plant based milk and cheese products available in grocery stores. The only thing better than buying plant based dairy replacements is making them yourself at home! Enjoy!

Our favorite Vegan Cheese Recipes:

2 thoughts on “Three Vegan Cheeses”

  1. I love your website and your recipes. Thank you for sharing. It makes my job as a whole food plant based homemaker a lot easier to plan delicious wholesome meals.

  2. Sheena Rodelli

    Thank you for sharing!!! I am interested in the cheese and crackers recipe, but I noticed your cheese is a different color in this post and video than it is in the recipe you have linked here. Did you change the recipe at all to more of a cheddar-type flavor? Or did you just add tumeric or something similar? Thank you again! 🙂

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