What I Eat in a Vegan Plant Based Day

The guidelines I follow for my family’s daily plant based meals come from Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live. He suggests to eat one large salad with a mix of greens, preferably including at least one cruciferous vegetable like kale, a double helping of steamed or cooked vegetables, 3 pieces of fruit, 1 cup of beans and 1 oz. of raw nuts and/or seeds. That seems easy enough right? Well, this video will show you visually what that could look like for one day.


3 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Vegan Plant Based Day”

    1. Hi Beverly,
      I don’t think it was that difficult to go Plant Based. We, as a family chose to do it cold turkey. Being the foodie people that we are, it was fun to create replacement recipes for our favorite foods! One tip for you is not to have a cheat day. It makes transitioning soooo much harder. Find healthy replacement foods for your vices.

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