Vegan “Frosty”

Remember Wendy’s frosty? When I was a kid I used to get a frosty and an order of french fries. Yes, you know where I am going with this. I would dip the fries in the frosty and eat them.

Well, that was then, this is now. Here is the most tasty, healthy vegan frosty for you to enjoy; guilt free. You’re welcome.

We have had these almost every night for the last two months and still aren’t tired of it.

I will give you the measurements for one but the video shows an amount for four ( because there are four in our family )

1 banana
1 date
1 Tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup soy milk
2 cups ice

Mix the banana, date, cocoa powder, vanilla and soy milk in a blender. Then add ice and blend until there are no ice chunks left.

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