Garlic Tahini Dressing

I am always looking for new salad dressings to keep my salads interesting and this one is a keeper. It is light with a bang of garlic and lemony goodness. This dressing is also versatile. You can use it as a salad dressing or pour it over steamed veggies, spaghetti squash or a baked potato.

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk or plant based milk of your choosing
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1/4 cup tahini
2 dates
juice of one lemon

Add all to a blender and blend until smooth.


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  1. Marty Schumacher says:

    This garlic Tahiti is fantastic! Just eating my salad now. So good! This will be my new everyday dressing for sure! Thanks again! : )


  2. Joy Krause says:

    Thanks! Take care, Have a Great Day!

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Nataaha says:

      So I’m c fused though, doesn’t yhextajjni have tons of oil in it? So how can these be oil free? Also, if you’re trying to lose weight, shouldn’t I avoid cachews and tahini?


      1. Jill Dalton says:

        If you are trying to loose weight I have a couple other dressings that would be better. This dressing has no added oil. The oil is in the sesame seeds which is a Whole Food, not extracted oil like olive oil or vegetable oil.


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