Plant Based at 80 Years Young: Bob and Fran German Interview

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We are experimenting with a new type of additional content here on the show where we share our viewers plant based transformation stories. We had such a lovely time interviewing Bob & Fran German as they share their plant based journey from serious health issues to abundant healthy living in their 80’s! It is our wish that we all can find the kind of joy and vibrant plant based health in the later years of our lives that Bob & Fran model for the world. You definitely want to check out this interview!

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4 thoughts on “Plant Based at 80 Years Young: Bob and Fran German Interview”

  1. Bob and Fran are a lovely, inspiring couple who are a testimony to the whole food plant based lifestyle. I subscribe to their channel and have their book which I am currently reading. I am also following their Qigong routines which I find relaxing and soothing. Thank you for having them on your show, Jill.

  2. Thank you for sharing the conversation with Fran and Bob. I am in my mid-60’s and have been on a vegan diet for 3 years. Now moving more toward whole food plant based. I guess for me it is a journey.
    I will spend some time on their channel and look at the book. So wonderful and inspiring. Many thanks

  3. I do really believe in eating what God has created for us and I am very pleased. My only concerned is that I have an allergy of wheat ((grains) and nightshade vegetables. I have pain over my ankle, wrist and shoulder. It looks like I can’t move any of my joints. I feel like an elderly lady when I am not even close to sixty . Do you have any recipes that may be suitable for me?GM

  4. Sharon Carter

    Love your show and recipes. FYI, in your ginger snap recipe arrowroot powder is listed ,but in instructions is not listed to add. Also, in your recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies, there isn’t any mention in instructions to press cookies down with parchment paper. Thanks so much

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