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We are seeking the support of our viewers to crowdsource the continued funding of this show so we can keep our content free for everyone who needs it! If you love our show and can afford $5/month please follow the link below and join our Membership to help support the creation of all of our Whole Food Plant Based content.

We have reached a crossroads with the show where the cost and workload is far outpacing the meager ad revenue from YouTube ads so we are faced with making a change to either crowdsource our funding, or move to a paywall model for our content, and we very much want to keep our content free for everyone! We explain all the details in this weeks show above so please be sure to take a moment and watch the video all the way to the end.

Sign Up for New Membership and Support the Show!
» https://community.plantbasedcookingshow.com/membership/1378/buy

Upgrade Existing Membership
If you have an existing Free Membership with us you can upgrade your membership in the account billing section with the link below:
» https://community.plantbasedcookingshow.com/account/billing

3 thoughts on “URGENT MESSAGE: Our Show Needs Your HELP!”

  1. I don’t know if I want to commit to $5/month, but I’d like to make occasional donations to help you. Is that possible?

  2. James Reynolds

    Sorry Jill. Am on SS. Cannot afford even $5. Paid onetime pmt of $5 to chef AJ. $5/mo is too much for me.

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