Product Launch: Plant Based Holiday Feast Made Easy Cooking Class

by Jill Dalton

We are so excited to share with you our brand new Plant Based Holiday Feast Made Easy Cooking Class! In this class I walk you through cooking up a delicious Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other special holiday dinner. We provide you with a clear shopping list, printable recipe cards, preparations section to list and detail any tools or appliances you will need, and the two hour cooking class. We recorded this class live in our home kitchen using five high resolution cameras so you can feel like you are standing right in the kitchen with me and we present the entire two hours without cuts so that you can follow along in real time.

Once you have done your shopping and preparations just hit play and we will cook our way through eight delicious plant based dishes that are fully whole food plant based with no animal products, refined salt, oil or sugar, and that are happily gluten-free.

Get Your Class Started Today!

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