Sojourner’s New YouTube Channel!

YouTube video

If you know me at all or have watched our channel then you will have seen our two daughters Sojourner and Talia. They have hosted a few of our episodes for recipes that they have created and we are so proud of them both. Being Plant Based Vegan is not easy especially for young people and they have weathered the storm for over 4 years now. They have become pros at how to handle people’s reactions to their choice to be Plant Based Vegan

Sojourner’s new channel, called SweetPea Vegan is something she started on her own to share her journey with others so that hopefully it will make their journey easier. It is especially great for young people and people who have children that are making the leap into the Plant Based Vegan world. She shares her experience of our food journey throughout her childhood and how it affected her and how she deals with people that are being negative about her choice.

I hope you will check out her videos because I really believe that she has a lot to offer! =)

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