Christmas Gift Ideas

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If you are looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your loved one that has just switched to a Plant Based lifestyle then here are a few of my most used kitchen items to give you some ideas. There are a wide range of tools so there should be something to fit just about any budget! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Salad Spinner:
Dutch Oven:
Stainless Steel Straws:
Victorinox Knife:
Handheld Mandolin:
Lemon Squeezer:
Silicone Bread Pans:
Tortilla Press:
Blendtec Professional 800:

10 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas”

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m a bit embarrassed to bother you with this question, but I’ve just been searching the web extensively for dehydrators and airfryers. Do you have any thoughts on whether these are worth having? P.s., am trying your lasagna tonight!

    1. I have never used an Air Fryer but I have a dehydrator that is pretty useful. We use it to make sweet potato dog treats, vegetable wraps and dehydrated fruit. Enjoy the lasagna =)

      1. Thanks, Jill. And thanks for your tip about swapping white wine vinegar for rice vinegar. The lasagna turned out delicious! Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best for the New Year!

  2. Janet Kaye Lewis

    I LOVE your You Tube shows and trying your recipes. Now I am saving for a Blendtec. Also, what portable burner do you use? My mother in law suite will lack an oven so I need a burner for sautéing and cooking. I will have a microwave/convection to use, but need a burner. Your Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show brings me so much joy. I have been wfpb over a year now using Dr Esselstyn’s and your recipes as well as others. Trying to reverse heart disease. My doctor is pleased so far with the results and very encouraging. Thanks for sharing your skills! ?

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