Pantry and Cupboard Tour

Ever wonder what you will need to stock your pantry to live a plant based lifestyle? Join me for a pantry tour to see what a Whole Food Plant Based pantry and cupboard are stocked with. Here are links for a few of the ingredients I mention in the video.

10 thoughts on “Pantry and Cupboard Tour”

    1. I don’t think the brand matters. I just buy the one I can get from my local grocery =) And the size just depends on how much of each item you want to store. We are a family of four so I try to get the larger ones.

  1. Thank you for sharing the brands you buy. I have been WPB about 2 yrs and I just stumbled on your site. I just bought the nutritional yeast – wow what a difference I had bought some early on and I did not like it so I just gave up on recipes that call for nutritional yeast. This one is wonderful you can smell the difference right off. Now I can’t wait to make mac & cheese. I also purchased the onion powder I have not open it yet but I’m sure it will be great. I’m also going to purchase Anthony’s Cocoa hopefully it is less bitter than the one I have. As you know the right brand ingredients can change the whole dish so thank you very much for sharing. I am also going to try the Westbrae Mustard and Westsoy Milk. Can you tell me what white wine vinegar brand you like.

  2. Your link for nuts appears to be in error.
    Would love to hear where you get bulk nuts because we use loads and having searched all over I can’t seem to find anywhere that sells them any cheaper than high street supermarkets.

    1. I don’t buy bulk anymore either because they are so expensive. Right now I rely on Trader Joe’s because they have the best prices but other than that I buy them at Whole Foods ( also way too expensive ) I wish we had better options.

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