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Honestly, this is the most well made documentary that I have seen lately. The information is so relatable and honest that it comes across very humbly. Kip uses his own life experiences with food from childhood into adulthood. His own fear about being passed a bad genetic hand full of heart disease, cancer and diabetes is very relatable and true of most people today. We have been fed these stories about it being genetic for so long and see so much of it around us in our daily lives that it feels true. This movie debunks all of these myths and gives concrete evidence of what is really going on. ” It’s the Food” so wonderfully stated by Dr. Klaper.

The movies uses the experience of three different people that have debilitating health problems and are taking immense amounts of pharmaceuticals, to show what can happen when you switch to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. In only two weeks, all three people were able to come off of almost all of their medication, had lost weight and were feeling wonderful and full of vitality with new hope for life!

Another myth that is debunked in the movie is the misinformation that sugar is the cause of diabetes. This information is shocking to most, but the data is well documented and shown in the movie, that is is actually because of eating meat. Sugar was just the smokescreen that took our focus off of the real cause. The movie shows what meat actually does in the body which is that it causes inflammation in stiffens our arteries.

The movie also shows proof that eating animal products are the main cause for Altzimer’s disease and Dimensia! This is something I had never heard before but it makes complete sense once you put the information together. If eating animal products causes inflammation, stiffening of arteries and then the clogging of arteries, why wouldn’t that also apply to the blood vessels in your brain.

The chicken is healthier than eating beef myth was also debunked. They actually show that chicken is more dangerous. It is higher in fat concentration and calories and chicken farming is equally as inhumane as the beef farming industry. People have also turned to eating fish as a “healthy” alternative but fish is equally as toxic due to the high levels of heavy metal contamination.


The movie also show the shocking information about the danger of dioxins from eating animal products. Dioxins are eaten by animals and it is concentrated in their flesh and milk. We then consume these products and our bodies accumulate these dioxins. The only way to rid our bodies of this harmful chemical is through mother’s breastmilk and into a mother’s unborn fetus. The know health concerns for high exposure to dioxins are almost too many to list. Why would we even want to risk this when we know that by cutting out animal products we can solve this problem.

Eating organic or grass fed meat also makes no difference in this matter due to the doxins that are ingested by the animal from the environment.

Along with all of the health reasons for adopting a plant based diet, Kip also shows the environmental impact of consuming animal products. By choosing a plant based diet we not only improve our health but are directly involved in saving our planet from complete destruction.


In conclusion, I would like to suggest that everyone watches this documentary and shares it with their friends and family. We can all make a difference with the power of our choices. Choose a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.



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  1. I have Netflix and I too enjoyed What The Health? documentary…. It really open my eyes this everything the media or the so called health experts were saying. I changed so after this documentary thank to the makers of this documentary.

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