How to Get Your Kids to Eat a Plant Based Vegan Diet

Transitioning yourself to a plant based diet is one thing but when you have children this can add an additional level of difficulty. In this video I offer some tips on how to make this transition more smooth with your kiddies.

1 thought on “How to Get Your Kids to Eat a Plant Based Vegan Diet”

  1. Yes! Dried fruits (without sugar or preservatives) are also yummy options!

    We find it helpful to have cut up veggies in clear glass containers at eye level in our fridge. If they don’t care for meals they are always welcome to have fruit or veggies. Same for snacks! We like to say “you never have to ask to eat vegetables!You can have as many as you want!”

    AND we simply don’t buy any processed snack foods anymore. If she is at someone’s house or is offered those elsewhere we let her have them. But at home everything we have is an option for all of us.

    AND we explain why we eat the way we do. Which foods are growing life giving foods and which might taste good but do not help us grow or live.

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