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I don’t normally use the weight loss platform to teach about Plant Based Eating but it is one of the incredible benefits to eating this way. My views usually deal with being as healthy as you can so that you can live a long, pain free life. But, as many of us know, most people, including myself have dealt with the battle of the bulge and this in turn leads to other health problems. You may not have gone to the doctor to fix your weight problem but maybe that is where it should have started. Although I would highly not suggest going to a doctor to find solutions for this. You have the secret within yourself. We all have these amazing self-healing bodies, we have just been feeding it the wrong foods. I mean really, we don’t give our dogs things like chocolate because it could make them have a heart attack, so why do we feed our amazing bodies things that will cause it harm. We need to WAKE UP! Diabetes, heart problems, and obesity numbers are staggering today, and they are ALL completely reversible just by changing what we eat.

My favorite past-time lately is watching old seasons of The Biggest Loser. I am so intrigued by the people’s transformations. It wasn’t until my husband went online to see how some of the contestants are doing now that my heart sank. A majority of the contestants had gained a lot if not more of the weight that they had lost. This is terribly disheartening to me. Then I started paying more attention to what they were teaching them to eat on the show. It was lower fat foods and more healthy  foods than they had been eating before but still not right. The way these people were losing so much weight was by calorie restriction and intense exercise. Little did they know that they could have lost the weight more effectively by eating a plant based diet. AND they wouldn’t have to kill themselves working out so hard. AND they would be able to keep the weight off for the rest of their lives!

My husband’s and my own transformation after only a few months led me to making my youtube cooking show. I want to show everyone how to do this and not feel deprived. We were both pretty overweight. My husband was pre-diabetic and I had been having heart palpitations. We thought we were eating so healthy but pound after pound kept layering itself on. It happened so gradually that we didn’t even notice the change. It wasn’t until we both had these symptoms that we decided to change our ways. We read Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and decided to do his program wholeheartedly! We noticed the changes immediately and that inspired us to continue going. We only exercised moderately and after a few weeks the pounds were dropping off like crazy and my palpitations had long since gone! We were also feeling great! No more aches and pains on getting out of bed, no more headaches, no more afternoon crashes. Holy cow, we had hit the jackpot!

Three months later I had lost 25lbs and my husband lost 50! At that point we were curious to see how far we had come so we searched for pictures of ourselves. We both couldn’t believe what we saw. Neither one of us had realized how much weight we were carrying before.

After one and a half years, we have both successfully kept the weight off and are feeling better that ever. We both feel so much younger than we did before and that is all due to eating a plant based diet free of salt, sugar and oil. Thank you Dr. Fuhrman!

These are our before pictures.

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  1. Wow, you weren’t that over weight but wow, what a difference! Good for me to see. I am inconsistent when it comes to eating healthy. I eat and cook oil and sugar free. Not very much less salt yet! I over eat, and cheat!! No wonder I Can’t lose. I am so glad to follow your recipes. So far I have not added salt. But when it comes to my regular food, I add salt. I have to be more diligent.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

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