Away from home

I wanted to share out experience about being away from home and still being able to stick to the Plant Based lifestyle. Our situation is  a little out of the ordinary presently but I just wanted people to know it is still possible even with the most bizarre circumstances. We are currently in a hotel between moves, moving out of an apartment into a new home. It was only going to be a couple days but has turned into a week or so. Not only were the builders not finished with our home but then the storm hit NC. Everything has been iced in for three days.

Luckily the Target next door to our hotel has pretty much stayed open. We have been able to walk there and get stuff from their small grocery section. We actually found a lot of great stuff. I was pleasantly surprised.

Between our two rooms we have two microwaves and two small mini fridges. With all of our home goods packed and sitting on a moving truck, we didn’t have access to any house goods. I did think to throw the Nutribullet in our suitcase but not much else.I bought a crock pot and a hot plate from Target. It has served us pretty well although washing dishes in the bathroom sink is a bit challenging. Last night we had black bean chili. Today I made acai bowls for breakfast with frozen blueberries, slivered almonds, chia, bananas and raspberries. Lunch was romaine taco boats. I made taco “meat” by grinding walnuts up with some salsa and cumin in the Nutribullet. Then we added cherry tomatoes and avocado. For dinner we are having lentils and rice flavored with onions and potato.

I got all of the supplies from Target. It is amazing what you can find if you are just willing to be a little creative. We were just not willing to spend our days here eating out because we end up feeling terrible. So far it has been a fun challenge and adventure.

Tomorrow I am going to make soaked oats for breakfast, spiralized zucchini noodles with a cashew pesto sauce, and for dinner black beans and greens. For dessert I am going to zip up some chocolate balls with nuts, dates, coconut and cocoa powder. You guessed it, all from Target, even the mini spiralizer!

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