Nutritarian Cooking Class

Monday night I gave a Nutritarian Cooking Class at the Durham South Library! It was a great turnout with about 25 people!

I was asked by the library to give this class as an addition to their Exercise Your Mind Summer Book series.

My presentation focussed on Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s teachings and his book “Eat to Live”. I also talked about the basics of eating a plant based diet and showed several different cook books showing how to cook using these principals. After the lecture portion, I demonstrated how to make a healthy “nutella” and a salad dressing and offered samples to the class. I heard a lot of “yums” and “this is delicious” so I believe both recipes were well received!

The question portion was very enlightening. It was a lively discussion that led to many different areas of food health which is very inspiring to me. It means people are really thinking about their health through food. They just need to be given the right information!

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  1. Good for you, Jill. We need to have many more nutritarians take the challenge of educating the public about this way of eating. Not only will it improve their health, but also, the health of our planet.

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