Food Preparation for a Week

Being a Nutritarian in today’s hectic paced world can be challenging at times. Here are some tips for making your week go smoother and to have less reason to just grab something in a drive-through. The biggest key is planning. You make most of your main food on the weekend so that is is ready to go or just needs to be heated when you get home.

Soups are perfect for this kind of system. You make a big pot of on Saturday or Sunday like my black bean soup or cabbage soup, and it will last you all week for some of your lunches and maybe a dinner or two.

packed-lunch-butternut-1-1024x682For lunch, on the days that you don’t take soup, you can make a Kale Salad. It will keep in the fridge for 3-5 days, so you could even portion it into lunch size tupper-ware so that it is ready to throw in your bag.

Another handy thing for lunches is Hummus. Just cut up a bunch of your favorite veggies for dipping and put them in portion size baggies in the fridge. You can easily grab one of these baggies and scoop out a portion of hummus in a tupper-ware to take for your lunch.

For breakfast you can make a few days worth of soaked oats. You simply put 1/2 a cup of oats into mason jars with lids or tupper-ware, and pour a cup of soy or nut milk over the oats. Put them into the fridge the night before. In the morning, all you have to do is grab one and toss some nuts and berries on top and it is ready to go. They will last in the fridge all week! On the days you don’t want soaked oats you can make a quick Banana Kale Smoothie.

One secret that has been a lifesaver is to always have snacks packed in your bag for those in between hunger pangs. I always pack snack baggies with an assortment of nuts and dried fruit so that they are ready to go and I can just stick one in my bag every day, just in case. You just never know when your day is going to run a little late, or you just get some crazy cravings. Also, my kids always seem to be “hungry” even if we just ate.  Having this bag of dried fruits and nuts keep you from stopping anywhere to get a “snack”.

Also good to have on hand for those sweet cravings is my Banana Bread. You can also make this on the weekend and keep it in the fridge all week. It is a great with nut butter as a snack. You can also slice this up, lather on some nut butter and put it in little tupper-ware to take with you, or it can be you nightly dessert!

It does take a little planning to do this but trust me, it will make your journey as a Nutritarian so much less work. If you are anything like me, after having a full day, the last thing I want to think about is “what to make for dinner”. If I just do most of the work on one of my weekend days, the rest of the week is a breeze!

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