Gluten Dilema

by Jill Dalton

I have recently discovered some information about gluten that surprised me. We are currently experimenting with being gluten free as well as nutritarian because our daughter has a health condition that doctors from the True North Clinic have suggested gluten could be an aggravator. It has vastly improved her condition but then we discovered that it isn’t just wheat that contains gluten. Apparently all grains contain a form of gluten. Gluten is in the protein of the grain of all grasses. So our mislead beliefs that corn, millet, rice and many other grains are safe to consume, is just that, mislead. If you are truly gluten sensitive then you should rule out grains just to be safe.

I don’t say this easily. I understand how difficult it is to remove grains from your diet. Having teenage children, I feel like there is always someone eating and that means there has to be plenty of healthy options for them to snack on. I really have to revamp our stores of snack food. Our children already feel like they are the oddball when it comes to food and now I have to restrict them even further. Their friends don’t really understand and when they hang out with other kids they always have to bring their own snacks, while they watch everyone else gorge themselves on pizza, chips and soda. Our girls understand the importance of eating healthy and what it does for them but it still doesn’t make it easy for them socially.ARS-Gluten-FreeBread

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