About Jill

by Jill Dalton

Hi there Health Foodie Folks!

Over the years I have learned to cook an array of health giving food goodness. After many years of using my family and friends as test subjects it became clear the healthiest and most profound food path for our family is the Nutritarian style of eating that has been clearly set out for everyone by Dr. Joel Fuhrman in his best selling books and materials.

We changed the name of the show to the Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show to offer our knowledge to a wider audience. All of the food I cook is still Nutritarian but we focus more on our recipes simply being plant based. Our intent is to help as many people as we can to transition to a Plant Based diet for their health and to help correct the ills of our planet that has been caused by raising animals for food.

I am happy to share my knowledge of Whole Food Plant Based Vegan Nutritarian cooking and think of my family’s efforts for making this show, as our service to humanity.

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