Glorious Apple Pie

It’s apple season here in NC! We spent this last weekend in beautiful Asheville, NC. Driving the country roads around Asheville welcomed us with trees just starting to turn color and orchard stands around every corner. Apples, cider, boiled peanuts, and produce, every stand claiming to have the best or “grandma’s” homegrown. I had never heard of boiled peanuts before but had to give them a try. Hmmmm .   .   . interesting. My first reaction was Yum, but then I realized that they were probably brewed in meat broth. Oh well. Next was the cider slushy. Mmmmmm, delicious! And so refreshing after climbing the 499 steps to Chimney Rock!

We brought home a large bag of Cameo apples that were so crisp and sweet tart. Plenty for snacking on that long ride home with plenty to spare to make this glorious apple pie. Looks like I will have a new recipe to make a show. Perhaps for Thanksgiving.

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