Fountain of Youth


I have been eating a Nutritarian diet for over a year and a half now. WOW, not only do I feel great and have an amazing amount of energy, but the clock seems to have stopped. I feel like the aging process has been stopped in its tracks and maybe even reversed a bit. Before I changed my diet my skin looked a bit lack luster and the wrinkles were coming on like gangbusters. I was  41 then. I didn’t feel like I should look that way being only in my early 40’s.  THEN, we started eating a Nutritarian diet and everything changed. My skin returned to its healthy, youthful glow and the wrinkles are way less noticeable!  What a bonus!

Isn’t this every aging person’s greatest wish? To feel younger, look younger and have more energy. The key is to change things from the inside – out. You need to change the way you eat to supply your amazing body with the tools it needs to heal itself and keep itself young!

Eating this way doesn’t even feel like work anymore. It is merely a change of the way you think about food. You have to understand that the things you put in your mouth are the building blocks for a healthy body. Just like in the Three Little Pigs; if you build your house with sticks, your house will fall down. If you fill your body with unhealthy foods, your body will break down.

Our show can help you learn how to make your food nutritious without sacrificing the taste! So, try out our recipes and enjoy your new, youth giving way of life!



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  1. Marty Schumacher says:

    Love, love your recipes. I have been plant based for years. I have Joel’s first book, since his beginning. My friends thought I was nuts! I love raw and just plant based food. So much easier to digest and I have not been sick for more than 25 years! Thanks for wonderful eating!


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